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Smart GP Office is an affordable software suite boasting 3 feature packed modules for the modern GP practice. Subscribe to any of the efficient standalone units or get all three for the kind of seamless integration that’ll have you kicking up your feet and basking in the glory of your newfound free time.

When you use all three you can action a pay rise in People which will feed the essential information directly to Payroll, who’ll have all the numbers created and crunched for the Accounts module to work its magic almost immediately. Simple and easy to use, you’ll be the master of every one of your practice back office movements all from a single user log in and password.

For complete flexibility we cloud-host everything on our super secure server meaning you can safely work on your accounts and payroll wherever there is an internet connection.

Smart GP Accounts

Smart GP Accounts has been designed to make keeping the practice finances as easy as possible. Based on simple cash accounting, recording details of income and expenditure is incredibly easy. You’ll be able to keep a track on what is coming and flowing out of the practice bank account without forming a single bead of stressful sweat.

Smart GP Payroll

Paying your employees and contracted workers will be a doddle. A few key-strokes on your main computer in the office or at home and you’ll have wages in bank accounts before you know it. Easily manage NHS Pension calculations and print the GP1 and SD55 forms whenever you need them. HMRC recognised with real time reporting, there’ll be no hesitations or hiccups when it comes to filing your returns and end of year submissions.

Smart GP People

Whether you’re processing the details of a temporary, new or retiring employee, Smart GP People software will take all the stress out of handling your staff’s records. By going digital you can enjoy the flexibility of having a complete overview of your employees from wherever you are in the world. With any changes made to legislation and legal expectations, you’ll want to make sure your practice is always compliant. We keep our software regularly updated so you can rest assured that you’ll always be in HMRC and CQC’s good books.

Some of the features you can look forward to are:


  • Link to the NHS Payment portal “Open Exeter” to bring in your NHS Income with just a few clicks.
  • Record details of partner expenses so you can easily see what each partner has taken.
  • A Smart Dashboard facility that gives you a snap shot overview of your finances.
  • Ability to drill down deep into your practice’s numbers, scrutinising every fact and figure, making any corrections to accounts simple.
  • Tag items of interest rather than having to create main item codes to keep things simpler.
  • Easily reconcile your accounts against your bank statements (soon to include bank statement import feature).
  • Give access to your accountant so that they can log in and view your accounts swiftly, seamlessly and remotely.

We designed this part of our software to be user friendly as possible because we know that busy practice managers don’t secretly moonlight as savvy accountants. You’ll be glad to know that in our experience Practice Managers find the programme easy to use after taking our short and simple free training session.


Some of our main features mean you’ll be able to:

  • Easily pay staff who perform more than one role.
  • Calculate NHS Pensions for all staff.
  • Email your staff payslips without needing a fancy add-on.
  • Manage statutory pay like SSP/SMP/SPP/SAP with our easy to use wizards.
  • Easily calculate and action multiple overtime rates.
  • Pay more than one organisation through the software with no extra charge.
  • Import a timesheet with all the overtime information included.
  • Administer auto-enrolment with ease and without additional charges.
  • Send RTI submissions and receive HMRC messages immediately.
  • Link to Smart GP Accounts.

In our easy to use HR solution you can:


  • Manage all staff records, contact details, training and appraisal information.
  • Set reminders for DBS, vaccination checks and increment appointments.
  • Record and monitor absence details through the link with Payroll.
  • Allocate and manage holiday in hours with a self-service booking facility for staff.
  • Print personalised documents such as disciplinary letters, contracts of employment and other essential work-place documents such as computer usage policies.
  • Offer an employee of the month scheme.
  • Create employee to-do lists and tasks.


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